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was arrest forward unlicensed drug manufacturing in april. he was building ab>édv house in belize. he said he was working on developing herbal medicine. gizmoto says that was a cover. he talked about his arrest in a u tube video. a 66-year-old fan who never expect them to storm into the property in riot gear, this never happens. i'm sure never again. that he left mcafe next 1994 before it was sold to intel two years ago more than $7 billion, since then started quarumx, trying to produce antibiotics. after that arrest for unlicensed drug manufacturing charges were dropped.
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and... gizmoto claims the use of the drug is making him increasingly withdrawn from his friends.#h+sb mcafee moved to belize in 2008. associated press reports other neighbors have been questioned but investigators have not been able to find mcafee. >> thank you very much. kimpb search to talk about. authorities looking for an 11-year-old daily city boy supposed to send the night in a friend's house but never showed up. police say there is no evidence of foul play but because of age, every officer has picture in the car trying to spot him. ren, as he's called is five feet tall, weighing about 80 pound. >> police searching for a bit pull that killed a young
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girl's pet poodle try frog detective the girl's 2-year-old brother when the pit then turned on the poodle. >> right. cheryl. the search is on for whatz1q is described as a pit pull or a pit bull-like dog. light tan with white on the neck and chest areas. the 11-year-old is on a miss to help police find the dog that killed her poodle. >> i'm sad. it was really bad, my dog being dead like that. >> sammy showed us how she barely had the door open when she says a pit bull shoved its way into the house arks tacking lacey. her grandfather beat the animal with fists and stick before it ran away. today, gilroy police following up on tips but so far have not found the dog responsible and are warning people to call if
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there is a lead. >> this could be a dangerous dog. i don't know how goitsing to react to humans. give us a tall so we can handle it what happened to lacey rs happened to another small dog in july at this star bucks in gilroy. >> i'm hoping we can get a ballot sign there is no pit bulls in gilroy. >> owners say banning a breed is not the answer. the ceo says certain dogs do require more training. >> when the door swings open, you're responsible. it's not the dog. it's the owner. the owner days has to take responsibility.[í;> before they push for changes in the law, the family says they're first determined >> this dog should not be loose or around. goitsing to end up, it killed our dog. it's going to hurt someone else. you know?
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hopefully not a child. >> police say as tragic as the death is, the[ not necessarily a death sentence fog the dog if the animal is found it would likely be put in quarantine, and behavior assessed before any decisions are made.l÷ a man found unconscious in a trash bin in union city died today. police say they're fating. someone built a small memorial for the 21-year-old josha the locatis found. a woman discovered perez in a trash bin, police say the bin did not belong to the house with it was found. perez taken to the hospital where he later died. >> it just happened yesterday. and we're praying here weir going to make it. i know his family going
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through a lot. just praying for them. >> police say no cause of death has been released. >> state correction officials are said to begin purging thousands of former prisoners in their roles. they'll be hooking at 9,000 nonviolent offend qlorz failed to register. that usually becomes an automatic arrest warrant. the program will wipe that out, meaning fewer paroles to supervise. it's a money saver but also infuriating to crime victim advocates. >> the reason why we need them to register is how law enforcement tracks predators. it's a serious offense. it may be categorized nonviolent but it's serious. >> purging the roles is expected to take about eight months. convicted sex offenders would not be eligible to have warrants removed. >> people hoping to keep from losing their homes look for
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answers node a work shop. hundreds of people received latest prevention information from banks as well as nonprofit and municipal agencies. one program generating a lot of perfect tr was root. the program buys homes from lenders then sells them back in efforts to keep people in their homes.> toífrkç find that keeping individuals in homes stabilizes a community, allowing them to have ties to the market. you don't have homes that are vacant that causes blight. that reduces the value of the homeowner next door.wqtpç >> root is run by the city of oakland and based on successful program developed by the city of boston. smith recovering from a sharp blow to the head during a game yesterday. the question, when will he be cleared to play? he took one, or two, good
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shots. >> yes. there is a question which was the blow that knocked him out. it doesn't matter at this point. because they're moving forward. smith chekdb## out today. there are protocols to protect players and smith will have to pass a battery of tests. smith hurt yesterday, he told head coach that he was experiencing blurry vision this, is a play in which we thought he got hurt. smith was hoping blurry vision would clear up, but it didn't. in an effort to protect players from returning too quickly nfl put in new rules 3 an independent neurologyist. the doctors will test smith, comparing results to a base line test done in the off season. to you, assuming alex passes that, he can go back to nonfootball activities. stuff like lifting weights and running. then, noncontact football drilgs thchl afternoon, 49ers head coach talked about
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smith's status. >> doing much better, had a good night's sleep. and, you know, symptoms were positive today. visiting with the neurologyist this afternoon is the next step. >> harbaugh suffered concussions during his career saying he appreciates the increased awareness on this issue. smith was one of three quarterbacks suffering concussions in games yesterday. expectation is that alex will be back for the next game next monday night against the bears. so we'll see who is playing. >> yes. michael vick, too, really woozy as he left the field. >> i hope they're okay. >> thank you. >> still to come on this veteran's holiday observeance, disabled vets get a tour of the place they'll be soon able to call home.
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>> the voice of sesame street's elmo takes a leave of absence of ak accused of doing something inappropriate with a minor. >> i'm spencer christian. clouds will gather overnight. will there be rain drops? my accu-weather forecast is coming up. >> thank you. police, taking a look at chf gift cards deliver the most gift for your
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nation is observing veteran's day today, dozens of homeless vets in san francisco are celebrating what may be their best gift, ever. many getting off the streets, out of shelters and into permanent supportive housing. abc 7 news is here with the story. >> cheryl, president obama has
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vowed to end chronic homelessness among vet transby the year 2015. san francisco has taken a step towards that goal, with a project should be ready to open in the next couple weeks. veterans we talked with are counting the days. this renovated building offers the firstyqky housing of its kid in mer than a decade. bruce kramer can't wait to move in. >> gives you a place to settle down. starting over again. this is something i didn't expect to do. a long road. >> kramer is a navy vet, homeless off and on for years. with the bad back and other challenges, life has been difficult on the streets and in shelters. now, he's slated to become one of 75 military vets who will move into brand new studio apartments. with onsite supportive
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services including a medical clinic. average age of the residents is 606789 all have been homeless, and all have disabilities. >> this[ó+íñ gives a safe placeo be. they're vulnerable to predators and to -- you name it, here, they'll be safe its called veterans commons developed by the veterans organization swords to plow shares and china twoountown community development center. $30 million in local, state and fed lal ral money, as well as private donations paid for this project. he battles to stay clean and sober. >> i can relate we've been through a lot of the same things. >> the veterans administration estimates there are 1500
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homeless vets in san francisco, 400 applied for 75 slots of new housing. dan? >> that is neat out there. thank you very much. no signs of progress in contract talks today between railly's grocery store chain and striking employees. after 15 months of bargaining 7,000 workers walked off their jobs last weekend.p#dy9ñ railo's wants to freeze pay andry eliminate overtime for weekends and holidays.. >> a number of stores not waiting until after thanksgiving to kick off the holiday shopping season. >> not wasting a second. michael finney here to talk about choices for gifts and free, good, travel options for the year. >> yes. there is a -- thanksgiving less than two weeks away it's too late to find travel deals however, if you get on it, you
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can save a buck or two for december travel. it's get this, up 50% over last year, "wall street journal" says it's up about 4% for holiday travel. i wish it was four cents. that is $797. one top destination is disneyworld in florida. resort grand floridian hotel so coveted rooms going for $730 a night. it's sold out. ñ befor. gift card sales surpassed $100 million last year, doing better during this sld holliday season. cards you buy from merchants are a better deal than from banks or credit card companies. bank does look at the latest trends and found store branded gift cards have fewer notches and fees.
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most purchased from stores don't charge more than face value. most bought from credit card companies, do. most gift cards issued by financial institutions charge a monthly fee when not used. and down side is that you're roped into using them at that location. most will reesh yu a card if lost or stole yechblt are you gearing up for black friday? stores hope so. but don't be so fast to spend your money. if you're looking to get the most for your toy dollar deal says boy two weeks before christmas. same with christmas decorations closer to the big day, cheaper decorations become. big screen tvs buy off brands on black friday. they offer a great deal if you want the brand names, however, wait until january or february. that is when they're best
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priced. ipad if you have your heart set go, ahead, buy it on black friday. it's expected to be a great deal. if you want a mini and a discount wait another four, five months.. >> patience is the key. >> yes. yes. >> thank you very much. >> sure. 50 we have breaking news now. this is breaking news, highway 4 is losed right now. westbound due to a car and big rig accident. we'll have it for ou on abc 7 moving on now performer is denying accusations he had a relationship with a 16-year-old boy. he released a statement today saying the relationship started when the teenager was 18. he's now 23. no charges have been filed and sesame work shop says it investigated and found that claim to be unsubstantiated. officials say the character
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will continue to be on the show. >> well, today's observeance of veteran's day gave thaem faems a chance to do something fun together. the ice rink opened today next to the library downtown. you can see a lot of people came out to take some spins around the ice. i shot pictures on my cell phone today. it was the grand opening. it's open every day until the middle of january. nice and cool today. >> a lot of people came out, too. >> nice job on pictures too. >> one does what one can. >> doesn't one? >> yes. >> and spencer is in now g to see you. >> from ice skatingqómusz skier. how about is that? we've got all kinds of winter sports covered there. let's take a look at nonwinter like view from our east bay hills camera looking at western skies. sunset occurred at 5:00 p.m. today.
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let's take a look at live doppler 7 hd. clouds to the northwest approaching the north coast.?wñ we don't expect showers to work their way into6g bay area, clear skies and temperatures of 58 degrees in san francisco. 55 in half moon bay. 60s in fremont. 61 in fremont, rather. these are the forecast features. cool conditions and clouds gathering in the north bay. warmer tomorrow, wednesday, weather becoming unsettled towards the end of the week chilly in spots, lows 39 in fairfield and livermore.
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there would can a sprinkle or two. you can see a ridge of high pressure still dominant feature, however, there is a stationary front northwest that is riding along the jet stream. starting at 7:00 tomorrow u is somebvéyf showers not north. by mid day noorks afternoon hours looking at dry conditions certainly. partly cloudy to mainly sunny skies, mild, high temperatures in upper 60s, 67 in redwood city up to 70s in los altos, on the coast mild as well, highs 61 in pacifica. downtown san francisco, 65 degrees tomorrow, 62 in the
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sunset district. 66 in petaluma. 68 calistoga. highs mainly in mid to upper 60s. 66 at dublin and concord. 68 in livermore, near monterey bay, highs in the upper 60s to around 70. here is the accu-weather forecast. milder still, wednesday. low 70s inland and around the bay. mid-60s on the coast. there is another chance of showers late sunday. showers will taper off on monday. weather becoming unsettled later in the week. >> are you looking for wet? >> thanks spencer. >> appreciate it. >> still to come, a wake up call from chp about the crack down beginning this week.
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>> then at 6:00 budget battle could present a road block to off highway vehicle owners around the state. we'll be right back here.
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local law enforcement and chp watching out for sleepy drivers during drowsy driving prevention week. it's designed to raise awareness for people who might drowsiness can reduce reaction times, statistics show in california, 32 people were
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killed and more than 2000 injured in drowsy driving accidents in 2010. >> more delays in store for the devil's slide bypass tunnel. the project was supposed to be finished in 2010, caltrans estimated late 2012 opening will be sometime in the first quarter of next year. officials say the contractor needs more time for inspections. >> an update on the story made possible thanks to a viewer tip to abc 7 news. a missing historic cross is now back home in the mojave desert where it belongs. the cross put up in 1934, sun rise2dñ rocky+ in san bernardio county. two years ago waits stolen over a long court battle. thanks to a tip a crew found it last week.
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now, on this veteran -- veteran's day, it's back where it was. >> we'll be back with the breaking news story closure of highway 4
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sky 7 on the way to the scene of a crash on westbound highway 4. the car ended up under a sem yoi. no word on any injuries. all lanes closed near g street and antioch. >> and the clean up looks like it could take hours. we'll show you the scene at 6:00. also, coming up, at 6:00 tonight abc 7 news follows up on a frightening incident from occupy demonstrations and how victims are now taking matters into their own hands. >> thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. see new

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